NFT Hole

Malegraph has been dedicated since its inception to exploring the male body and societal notions around nudity through the lens of a queer couple.  In 2015 Malegraph undertook this exploration utilising Snapchat, an emerging platform fraught with societal panic over the ease and false security of sharing nudity within the app.  This resulted in a series of small-scale paintings that explored the phallus as shared on Snapchat.  Working with a set of participants who wanted to share their phallus in a non-threatening way, Malegraph transformed their snaps into colourful and whimsical images.


In the six years since the Snapchat project, society has moved into a more fluid acceptance of the sharing of intimate photographs by mutually consenting adults.  Dick is, as always, abundant in the world, as is the male desire to share it.  Looking into a new space, we asked: what now, in 2021, is held back across society?  What is the new bodily holdout from the sharing generation?  What can we take, transform and, using NFT, create art unbounded by physicality?  There is one holdout of the male body, one mixed with shame and exploration in 2021: the anus.  And so we assert - let us interrogate this holdout, reform it in art, and by doing so create a permanent and timeless sharing of intimacy through NFT technology.