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New York Project


Tumblr represents a community of curators.  Each individual acts not only as curator of their own blog by selecting images to tumble on to their followers, but also as curator of their own feed.  By selecting who to follow on impulse (or by design) they create an ephemeral and unique set of images that is constantly changing and singular to their choices.


This project is a literal interpretation of my feed, a created manifestation of my personal parade of tumbled images.   It explores the relationship of art, pornography and male nudity through the digital temporal lens.  Each painting starts with an image that has a history, winding its way from blog to blog until it found my feed, my eye and my brush.  Each image becomes physical twice, and digital in between.  A digital image is printed and painted  over to become a sketch, the sketch becomes a digital image that is then enlarged and transcribed as simple compositional lines onto a canvas.  Coated with ink and oil, the final painting is photographed and uploaded to find its way into other feeds.  All paintings are 18"x24" unmounted canvas painted with oils and india ink.

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